To acquire my photographs (here)

The sights are readable on any computer equipped with a reader of CD Rom or by a reader DVD of show equipped with the option "CD Photo" or DVD .

•Photographs of France on CD Rom. Taken of sight artistic realized over several years in Burgundy in particular.

• Photographs of Tags on CD Rom taken in Paris area. Catches of sights there too neat. Tag is photographed only or in its environment according to the effect sought by the artist.

•Photographs of Paris. Taken artistic and nonconventional sights (the catch of sight style "postcard" is avoided as far as possible)

•"Various" Photos or "Strange ......" """ """ ""


1 CD of 100 photographs = 15 Euros (or Dollars) free of port (by cheque, cash, or others...)
1 CD of 200 photographs = 20 Euros (or Dollars) free of port ("""")
1 CD of 300 photographs = 25 Euros (or Dollars) free of port ("""")
Nota: the figure announced of 100, 200 or 300 is a minimum figure. The order is flexible good on for example: 50 Paris + 50 Tags for one CDrom of 100 Photographs......
For any order of 300 photographs a free supplement of 50 photographs of wild flowers will be added to the sending.

These catches of sights are free of right but for any commercial exploitation of works of the artist a contribution is required.
to address your buying orders to:

Armand ROI

14 rue de la Marne

77270 Villeparisis.